Sister of another bollywood actress set to make bollywood debut

After getting successful in bollywood many stars try to make a way for their siblings too. Kirti Sanon is another bollywood actress who is trying everything possible to launch her sister Nupur.

Nupur is accompanying Kirti in every place where there is a chance to meet big bollywood celebs. She takes Nupur for shooting and try to introduce her to everyone when ever possible.

kriti sanon

Kirti made her bollywood debut with Heropanti opposite Tiger Shroff and after that he starred in Shahrukh‘s Dilwale opposite Varun Dhawan

Have a look at pictures of Nupur with her sister Kirti Sanon and Other Bollywood Stars

Nupur Sanon

1- Nupur Sanon trying singing

Kirti Sanon and Nupur Saron

2- Kirti Sanon and Nupur Saron

Kirti Sanon and Nupur Saron

3- Kirti and Nupur Sanon Smiling

Kirti Sanon and Nupur Saron

4- Kirti and Nupur Sanon candid pictures

Kirti Sanon and Nupur Saron

5- Kirti and Nupur Sanon

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