Nysa Devgan trolled

Nysa is again in news because of her dress. Nysa Devgan recently got trolled on social media for her dress. Nysa was snapped at the mumbai airport wearing a sky blue colored hoodie dress and it does not seems that she was wearing anything underneath it. But her dress didn’t go well with the trolls and they started trolling her for the outfit she was wearing. Trolls commented a lot about her dress and suggested her to check her dressing sense.

Nysa Devgan Trolled
Nysa Devgan Trolled

One troll commented that it seems she forgot to wear pants. Another boy commented though her mom and dad are rich but please someone give her a pant.

Someone commented what happened to her and what type of dress she is wearing. what is the problem in wearing a pant ? Not wearing pant is neither modern nor cool.

Nysa is studying in singapore and she recently came back from thailand after spending vacation with Kajol and Ajay Devgn.

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