Preeti Jhangiani wardrobe malfunction

Preeti Jhangiani wardrobe malfunction

Preeti Jhangiani suffered a wardrobe malfunction. She was with her husband Praveen Dabbas in Delhi and she was busy promoting the film her hubby made: Sahi Dhande Galat Bande.We don’t know whether this was a ploy to create hype or just that she was too busy to put on her undies.

Some advice to all the panty-less ladies out there: don’t cross your legs while sitting at a public event. And if you do, don’t blame the photographers for catching it on camera.

No doubt, new mom Preeti looks glamorous in short black dress but her panty less stunt played the spoilt spot. And as a reason, her panty less picture was posted on net and in no-time Preeti Jhangiani pantyless picture become the highly searched picture on net.

I can’t still believe my eyes after watching Preeti Jhangiani panty less photo.
How, Preeti Jhangiani forgets her underwear?.

Between, she is the fifth Bollywood actress who caught in public without underwear.

Bollywood celebs panty less stunt all began with Shamita Shetty who was first caught bare in an event. The next glam girl who follows the footstep of Shilpa Shetty’s sister is Yana Gupta. Next to go bare dare was Neetu Chandra who straightway denied the report. Sonali Bendre was caught in the similar situation while attending Shahrukh Khan’s party.

For your kind information, Preeti Jhangiani made her Bollywood debut in Aditya Chopra’s Mohabbatein’ in 2000 .

Question to You :

Why Bollywood heroines are not wearing panties these days?How they forget such an essential thing while appearing in public events?
Surely it’s not that hot!
Then, what’s the reason behind it?
Rumor said that those who have been out of headlines for long, think it to be a easy way to get access to stardom and fame.
What’s your opinion guys?

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