Cricketer Mohammed Shami faces Criticism For his Wife’s Dress

Cricketer Mohammed Shami became the latest victim on social media after his Photograph with his wife is posted on facebook.

Cricketer Mohammed Shami with Wife

Image: Mohammed Shami with his wife Hasin Jahan and daughter Aairah

Mohammed Shami had posted his pic with wife Hasin Jahan and daughter Aairah on sunday.

People have posted very nasty comments over his wife’s sleeveless dress. Most of them asked shami to ensure that his Wife is not seen without wearing a hijab.

The 26-year-old pacer got support from India player Mohammed Kaif, who termed the comments as ‘shameful’.

“The comments are really really Shameful. Support Mohammed Shami fully. There are much bigger issues in this country. Hope sense prevails,” Kaif tweeted.

Earlier Tennis star Sania Mirza had also been attacked for her dresses. In 2005 a muslim cleric issued a fatwa, ordering Sania to stop wearing short clothes and instead should wear clothes covering her from head to toe while playing.

Today Shami lashed out at the trollers and called them jealous of his success. Shami posted

“Very good morning Har kisi ko jindagi mai mukam ni milta, kuch kismat wale hi hote hai jinhe ye nasib hota hai.!.jalteee rahooooo… Ye dono meri zindage or life partner hai me acha trha janta hu kiya karna hai kiya nahi.hame apne andar dekhna chahiye ham kitna accha hai. ” (Not everyone is lucky and they did not et wha they desire so they feel jealous of the one’s who get what they want. You can continue to be jealous. These two are my life and i better know what i should do with them. One should look inside themselves before blaming any one).

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