Bollywood Fashion Blunders

Bollywood Fashion Blunders

Mallika Sherawat’s poor choice of this black strappy dress does the best it can to look disgusting.

Mallika Sherawat Bollywood Fashion Blunders

Usually Kangana wears very well but this one is a total disaster. Why she wore a yellow dress over an equally yellow bikini-top. Grow up girl.

Kangana Bollywood Fashion Blunders

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor trying to look sexy. Girl when you don’t have good figure then you should avoid such dresses.

Ekta Kapoor Bollywood Fashion Blunders

It looks like Rani had nothing else to wear for her friend Karan Johar birthday bash! The shiny, satin maxi dress only adds to her weight.

Rani Mukherji Bollywood Fashion Blunders

Please somebody show Amisha a mirror so that she doesn’t make this mistake again of wearing a black dress with skull print.

amisha patel oops moment

Vidya balan is not new to wearing such disastrous dress. She is looking like a fat aunty.

vidya balan fashion blunder


Kajol never had sense of right dresses for her. Like this dress in the picture although she has a cute smile but it hurts to see her going so wrong with the dress. If you don’t have a toned, slim and fit body why wear such dresses ?


Bipasha Basu

Everything is wrong right from Saree choice,bikini blouse and the neck-piece, she goes completely wrong. The Saree is revealing way too much. It should have been draped in a better way.

Bipasha Basu Bollywood Fashion Blunders

Kareena’s disastrous choice of clothes could not miss the eyes of the photographers. Black leggings with a pink t-shirt are acceptable but what is black scarf doing around her waist?

Kareena Kapoor Bollywood Fashion Blunders
Huma Qureshi Bollywood Fashion Blunders

This happens when you try to go lot bolder than bold and end up making a disaster of yourself. The horizontal stripes on the see-through outfit make Huma look heavier than she is. why would you wear something like this when you know you have recently put on a lot of weight?

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